Trying to keep the kids entertained these school holidays?

There are many activities for school holidays that children can engage in. Children’s activities should ideally be centered on the interests of the child. In this regard, there are numerous activities for children to do.

Cookery lessons

There are those children who have an interest in the kitchen. School holidays will be a great time to hone these skills. Have lessons on different items each week. For example, in the first week you can have baking lessons. Let the child learn how to mix flour for pastries and cakes. Then have them bake these. You can teach them how to marinade, make salads, make roasts and fill up their holidays occupied in their interests.

Camping and hiking

There’s no greater time to go camping than the school holidays. This is a wonderful opportunity to get them away from all the gadgets and incessant social media. Pick a place where you’ll all get plenty of time to connect again, communicate and learn to live in the same space. Camping and hiking will provide great physical activity and lots of fresh air.

A day at the museum

Visit a museum and let the kids learn about their past, the town’s history, and prehistoric life among other interesting stuff. You can do this in the morning and then take the kids out to lunch.

Visit the zoo

Take the kids out for a day at the zoo. It is an awesome experience to see animals previously seen only on television in real life. The children will learn a lot and gain a better appreciation of wildlife.

Take the girls out for a day of pampering

Give the teenage girls a day at a beauty salon. Let them have their hair and nails done while they look at magazines. Your girls will love you for this, and you’ll also get to relax. It is a win-win.

Go out to the park for a picnic

You can make tasty treats, pack them up in a basket and head for the park. It will get your kids outdoors, and you’ll spend quality time with them. Carry a cooler with soda and water to quench that thirst after running around.

Have a barbecue

It’s time to teach the kids some social skills. Ask them to invite a few friends over and you can have a barbecue for them. Involve them in all the activities. You can have them prepare the burgers for you to barbecue. Let them serve or invite their guests to serve themselves. They should have the drinks cooled by the time their friends arrive. This activity will teach them about hosting a barbecue and instill some social skills too.

Indoor games

Step up the school activities or birthday party with a game of laser tag in Melbourne. Visit this website to book your game of laser tag in Melbourne. When it’s raining outside, you can play indoor games with your children. Card games, snakes and ladders, chess, scrabble and pool are all wonderful indoor games. You can play hide and seek with the little ones if your house is big enough. Since your kids have different interests and preferences, add a challenge in this activity. Let the one who finishes their chores first choose the game to be played. You’ll soon have them competing to finish their chores. This is definitely a win for you.

When the Melbourne school holidays start, the children are quick to get bored and finding activities in Melbourne isn’t easy. Tunzafun are the experts in keeping children entertained with their school holiday activities. Melbourne based, they are sure to keep them entertained during the school holidays with their activities in Melbourne. These are just a few of the activities that you can engage your school going children in during school holidays. Just remember to let the activity be fun so that it is not viewed as a chore to be completed.