1. How do I know what package should I choose?

You probably think that 5 hours is enough time for a photo booth at your event. However, the package you need to choose should be determined by the number of your expected guests. It is not a good investment to pay for a 5 hour photo booth when you’re expecting only less than 100 guests. On the other hand, it might be a good idea to hire two photo booths if you have a guest list of more than 250. Because photo booths are too popular, this will going to be one of the places where your guests will expect to line up and wait for their turn. You don’t want your guests to wait for too long for their turn, which is why it is important to take this matter into consideration. Below is a suggested rule of thumb when it comes to the number of attendees and guests:

50-125 guests – One photo booth for 3 hours

125-250 guests – One photo booth for 4 hours

250-500 guests- Two photo booths for 4 hours

500-1000 guests- Three photo booths for 4-5 hours


2. Do they have insurance?

Are you hiring a professional or an amateur? Think ahead of what could possibly go wrong. Your coordinator, DJ, photographer, caterer most likely will have insurance. How about your photo booth hire? Make sure you have this point taken into consideration.

3. What do the props look like?

Picture what is in your mind and ask for your supplier if they can provide samples of your desired theme so that you’ll know what to expect at your event.

4. What is a guestbook? What kind of guestbook will they provide?

A Guestbook is one of the fun features of a photo booth. Guestbook is different from a scrap book. With a guestbook, your guests will be able to take copies of their photo strip and glue it into the guestbook and they can also write something next to it. Most photo booth hire offers a free guestbook or they might include it in your package.

5. What does my photo booth look like?

You may think it might sound silly but it is not. Just because you’ve seen a sample picture of a photo booth on their website doesn’t mean this will be the actual setup at your event. Don’t sign a contract unless you’re already sure of what will show up. 

6. Do they offer personalised photos?

Can the photo booth customise the photo strips with dates and names? If so, you may ask for a sample of what the end product will look like.

7. Is there a photo booth attendant that will operate the booth at the whole duration of the event?

While most clients or customers assume that there will always be an attendant included, there are also clients who think that the booth can run by itself. The photo booth is a machine therefore, there should always be an attendant operating it. It’s like setting up a bar without having a bartender. Ask if there will be an attendant that will be responsible for the product you’re going to pay for.

A great photo booth could easily make or break your event. Knowing the right questions to ask before a photo booth hire will save you from future disaster. The next time you’re going to hire a photo booth at your event, click here and make sure to ask the above questions to help you in the decision making process.