Have you ever walked into a venue and thought, “This is all wrong”? Perhaps it is the seating arrangement or orientation of the tables, or the distance between the audience and the stage is not right. Conversely, it may be the lighting or the colours that are wrong.

When booking a venue for a function, meeting, conference or mediation, it is important to consider the interior design and layout of the room as there are certain critical issues that may impact your event. While some of these matters may easily be corrected with manageable adjustments, others may signal the need to consider a different venue altogether.

Stage Presence

If you are holding a function questions such as how big the stage is, where it is located in relations to other facilities and how the tables and seats are oriented around it are definitely important when planning your event. Firstly, the stage should be large enough that the speaker can easily move around--facilitating a more dynamic and energetic presentation--without being so large as to distance the speaker from his or her audience or give an imposing impression. Similarly, the stage should be close enough to the front-row seats to foster intimacy and interaction with the attendees but not so close that one might feel cramped or uncomfortable.

Finally, if the attendees are seated around tables, each one should be carefully laid out so that everyone can comfortably view the stage from their chair. If opting for rows of seats instead of tables--if, for example, a meal will not be served during the event--do consider that attendees may require a tabletop upon which to place their laptop, notepad, or coffee cup.

Layout of the Room

Where is the main entrance to the room in relation to the podium? How does the speaker enter and exit the stage? Is there a bar or coffee corner in the room? Where are the restrooms located, and where are the outlets?

All of these questions are important when preparing for a video conference, consider how latecomers will enter the video conferencing area and whether or not they will be able to find their seats without causing disruption, visit this link for more information. The same should be considered when a member of the audience must exit to the restroom, charge a device, or refill their coffee.

There must be enough room in between seat rows or around tables for attendees to enter and exit without disrupting or being hindered by others. Restrooms and other facilities should be strategically placed and easy to locate in order to minimize interruptions. You are looking for a venue that either already fulfils or can be rearranged to meet these requirements.

Light & Color

You may not have the tendency to pay much attention to the colour scheme of the function room but it is worth being aware of the impact certain colours and tones can have on the mood and vibe of the event.

A soft shade of blue, for example, can having a calming effect while darker shades may evoke gloom or sadness. Red, on the other hand, will raise energy levels in the conference room and is excellent for creating a buzz during your event although shades of crimson should be avoided in as it may summon anger or hostility.

Proper lighting is of similar relevance: a dark room will draw attention to the stage, encouraging attendees to focus their full attention on the main event and making it easier for the speaker or speakers to captivate the audience. However, such a setting would make it very difficult for a participant to take notes during the event and if an attendee were to use their smartphone to do so, the bright screen could stand to detract a fair amount of focus from those around him or her. Conversely, a brightly lit room will make it easy for the audience to document their notes and thoughts on the presentation but the speaker will have to work harder to capture their full attention. 

Now, with the information I've provided above, you should be well prepared to arrange your meeting in such a way that facilitates the success of your event and will impress guests, if you click here you can begin hiring a meeting room in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney. These are the first steps to ensuring your meeting goes well. Good luck!